Episode 2

Published on:

15th Nov 2021

s2 Ep. 2: The Race Begins! (feat. Ewan Lawrie)

The annual scavenger hunt of heroes is on! The prize? The key and title to House Heartfire! Elsie and Gub convince a reluctant Mrs. Mugwart to enter the race, but on their way to find the first key they must contend with the raucous and rowdy Red Guard.

With; Ashleigh Blechynden (as Elsie), Karolina Firman (as Mrs. Mugwart), Ewan Lawrie (as Gub) & Damian Ashcroft (DM/Editor/Composer)

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A D&D actual play
An Australian D&D podcast, full of improv, comedy & drama, set to an original backdrop and score. Delve into a wild world of adventure under a multi-coloured sky, as our diverse band of heroes navigate the fantastic city of Duopolis. Featuring DM/Composer, Damian Ashcroft, and players; Ashleigh Blechynden, Karolina Firman and Elizabeth Savage. For exclusive content visit patreon.com/surrealiapodcast

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