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3rd Jun 2022

S3 Ep.0: Election Day, Session 0

Damian, Karolina, Elizabeth & Ashleigh prepare for their next adventure in Duopolis City! Get the inside scoop on what to expect in the upcoming season in this episode, normally reserved for our Patreon feed.

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A D&D actual play
An Australian D&D podcast, full of improv, comedy & drama, set to an original backdrop and score. Delve into a wild world of adventure under a multi-coloured sky, as our diverse band of heroes navigate the fantastic city of Duopolis. Featuring DM/Composer, Damian Ashcroft, and players; Ashleigh Blechynden, Karolina Firman and Elizabeth Savage. For exclusive content visit patreon.com/surrealiapodcast

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